Celebrate Life 365 Ways

I wrote Celebrate Life 365 Ways because…

I wanted a permanent reminder of what’s important in life.

A book that would always remind us that life is beautiful and is meant to be celebrated every day.

There’s no reason to put off enjoying life UNTIL…

Now is all we have!

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What inspired Celebrate Life 365 Ways?

Listen how my upbringing, travel and life overseas inspired my first book in this 30 minute interview with Kate Daniels of KRWM-FM in Seattle, Washington.   —>Click Here To Go To Interview

What is Celebrate Life 365 Ways about?

It’s a simple book is chock full of ideas, meditations and practical actions that all encourage you to enjoy life now.

What Can You Expect From Celebrate Life 365 Ways?

Expect to smile.

Expect to find heart felt messages.

Expect to be refreshed.

Expect to be challenged.

Expect to be inspired.

Expect to find a book that you’ll read many times over.


Get Your Copy of Celebrate Life 365 Ways

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