Photos From Libby’s Visit (Part 1)


Derek told me it’s time to post pictures and I agree!  I had so many to sort through and I got lazy…it happens frequently here.

Libby’s last leg of her trip from Tucson was on the ferry from Corfu, Greece to Saranda.  I could hardly stand still while we waited for her at the port.  Thankfully she quickly adjusted to the new time zone (9 hours difference).  We fed her lots of farm fresh food and figured the beach would be the best way to ease her into Albania.

More to come…


Hungry for More,
Monique Alvarez
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  1. Nice pictures and beautiful scenery! You both look great!

  2. Sabrina says:

    :) From the beautiful pictures, I imagine it was as hard for her to leave as it was for you to let her go! ;)

    • Monique Alvarez says:

      It’s true Sabrina…we even went with her to Corfu to catch the plane so we could have one more day together.

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