Spring Is Here


Derek and I take Charlie for a walk to the park almost every day.  Spring weather is here and the flowers and trees know it.  Love every single little bloom. Hungry for More, Monique Alvarez


Let It Snow


Check out our first real snow of the year! Last week we braced ourselves for snow.  Big white flakes fell to the ground and we sat by the window in awe.  Then the sun came out and it was gone by afternoon. We planned a trip to Albuquerque to watch Arizona play in the New […]


Mesa Verde Holiday Luminaria

Mesa Verde December 4

  How is it that someone born and raised in Cortez had never been to Mesa Verde for their holiday open house? All bundled up we headed up to the national park that gets more than 600,000 visitors each year.  I actually had no idea what to expect, but a friend of mine highly recommended […]


18 Hours In Ulcinj, Montenegro

Ulcinj, Montenegro 28

I was up before the crack of dawn, more excited than a four year old on Christmas morning! We stuffed a little Ford Fiesta with suitcases, bottled water and our laptop.  We were heading north from Saranda, Albania and our goal was to make it to Ulcinj, Montenegro by sun down.  The Albanian coast from […]


Butrint National Park

Butrint Park 25

Derek and I took my friend Libby to see Butrint National Park while she was here.  It’s a short fifteen minute drive from our place, but it’s like stepping back, way back in time. According to the Butrint National Park website, “Butrint owes its growth and early fame to a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius, the […]


Summer Solstice At Mirror Beach

Mirror Beach 2

Some friends invited us to check out a new beach that’s about 10 minutes from where we live.  The locals call it Plazhi Pasqyra, which translates to Mirror Beach.  It gets its name from a big smooth rock that reflects the sun.  Once again we found ourselves in paradise. Derek and I swam out to […]


Blue Eye (Photos From Libby’s Visit Part 2)

Blue Eye 3

The Blue Eye (Syri Kaltër) is about half an hour’s drive from Saranda.  The ice-cold water bubbles up from an at least 50-metre deep pool (divers have got that far but it is believed to be at least 150 m). The forest surrounding the Blue Eye is as impressive as the spring.  It was pretty […]


Photos From Libby’s Visit (Part 1)

First Day 4

  Derek told me it’s time to post pictures and I agree!  I had so many to sort through and I got lazy…it happens frequently here. Libby’s last leg of her trip from Tucson was on the ferry from Corfu, Greece to Saranda.  I could hardly stand still while we waited for her at the […]


Gardening, Monsoon Rains and Cloud Watching

Opposite side of sunset

Monsoon rains pushed us inside for a few days but we didn’t seem to mind since we had plenty of books to read on our Kindles.  The sky was truly impressive and on a couple of nights I took pictures of the sky looking the opposite direction of the sunset.  I also caught a couple […]


Flowers, Beaches and Lots Of Love

Cool clouds

I just love all the flowers that are blooming around town.  Saranda must have a million roses – in every color imaginable.  We hear that tourist season is June-August so we are taking advantage of the empty beaches while we can.   Hungry for More, Monique Alvarez   *Have you downloaded my free ebook, The […]