Abraham Hicks Rampage Of Appreciation

It’s the start of a new week and a new tradition here.

I’m going to be sharing practical exercises as outlined by Abraham Hicks.  Before I get to today’s exercise I want to share a story with you that might make doing these exercises a little more enticing.

A conversation with my Dad over the weekend led me to find my old sketch book.  I had just finished reading Ask And It Is Given, and I decided to do one of the exercises outlined in the book, called “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”.

I’ve went back and forth if I wanted to share the details of what I wrote, but I really need to because it’s so amazing to see it in black and white.  Keep in mind I had completely forgot about this until Saturday.  I wrote:

April 18, 2010

“When you ask it is given – but at some point you have to stop asking and start expecting.”  AH

“If something you want is slow to come to you, it can only be for one reason: you are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence.”  AH

What if I got 4 new clients a month?
What if I helped other business owners increase their business?
What if I became a speaker or writer?
What if Derek and I got to travel overseas?

“Get your eyes, words and thoughts off of what is and put them purely on what you want now. The more you think and speak of what you want, the faster what you want will happen.”  AH

Derek and I had just decided that we wanted to use our internet marketing knowledge to help local businesses instead of network marketers.  We didn’t have a single client.  I had not traveled overseas for four years and Derek never had.  I had never wrote a book or done any speaking or writing (other than in my journal).

I began to write these “what ifs” and record what I was thankful for on a daily basis.  No one knew I was doing this, but of course I couldn’t help but talking to Derek, my parents and friends about the things on my list because I was excited about.  Most importantly, I fulled expected them to happen.  I didn’t have any idea how they would, but I knew they would happen.  This is how the events unfolded right before my eyes.

June 30, 2010  We got our first local client.  (We helped all our clients increase their business, exposure and knowledge of internet marketing.)

September, 2010 We started getting 4+ clients a month.

October 2011 I started “speaking” through this blog.

Nov. 2011 I completed my first book, Celebrate Life 365 Ways.

January 2012 Derek and I started traveling.

Pretty cool to look back and see this.  More like pretty motivating to do it again!  If you want to play along, great.  I’ll post an exercise every Monday.

We’ll start with Rampage of Appreciation.

This exercise is best done when you’re feeling good and you want to continue to feel good.  In other words, you’re feeling joyful, empowered, free, loved and appreciated.  All your going to do is write, say or ponder what you’re appreciating in this moment.

I decided to write mine down and have included it so you have a visual.  The great thing is you can do this several times throughout your day.  At the grocery store you might say, I’m appreciating all the delicious choices of food I have, a clean store, and a clerk that is friendly to me.  While your driving you could say, I’m appreciating my car, flowing traffic, harmony with those around me, the air conditioner, and the sun shining.

Pretty simple, but powerful.

Before you go I want to say how much I appreciate you reading what I write.

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Hungry for More,
Monique Alvarez
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 p.s. If there are typos, spelling or grammar mistakes in this post don’t worry about.  Those are the kinds of things I’ve worried about for FAR too long.  It’s time to just get it out and who cares if it’s not perfect, it’s from the heart!

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  1. You are really doing an awesome job with your writing… communicating in a very understandable way. It is easy to feel that you are excited about what you are writing and that makes it so much easier for others to be excited about reading your words and thoughts :-) !!

    Great post

  2. You have manage to capture the very essance of what is “you” and communicate this in your writing style. As for this blog post it’s a great example of the importance of appreciation and gratitude and what expectations can do.

    • Monique Alvarez says:

      Yes, we always get what we expect Tobias. It would seem that being ourselves would be easy, but it actually takes some time to unlearn what we’ve picked up over time. I’m thrilled to hear that my true self is shining through.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Rampage of Appreciation. How timely as I reached for the stars last night on the 4th of July to acknowledge & appreciate all that I am blessed with. The moon, the stars, the people I am attracting, the life I am creating. Thanks Monique for being a source of inspiration to me!

  4. joyfulamy says:

    What a wonderful post ( I realise I’m late to the party!) I love the Rampage of Appreciation tool … the gratitude tools from Abraham have been hugely powerful for me. Thanks for sharing.

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